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I have been making Edddy Heads for 29 years. All of the materials I use are recycled or upcycled items. My fans donate treasures from their private collections and look for more to add to my resource piles, and I do mean piles. The wood I use is collected from my construction projects. I find I have a lot of enthusiastic fans donating treasures for me to use in my creations.

These little heads are magical because each one has its own character and expression. I find when I am photographing them they seem to be talking to each other and I feel like I am part of the conversation. I wonder what goes on in my studio when I’m not there.

Collect your own community of heads and you will begin to notice that they are truly having a great time joking around.

I sometimes work with my 7 year-old granddaughter Ava, who always adds a fresh perspective to my work.

3 D EDDDY’s junk art wood sculpture is spontaneous and energetic and full of his eclectic and whimsical sense of humor. Using items recycled from everyday life—ceiling fans, surf boards, door knobs, old eye glasses, and children’s toys, along with lots of recycled wood and rusty bottle caps—EDDDY builds airplanes, totems, “shovel heads” for the garden, and all kinds of fantastic creatures from cast off items that would otherwise end up in the county dump.

EDDDY’s interest in junk art sculpture evolved in part out of his involvement with Garbage Incarnation, an innovative recycling program formerly located at the Sonoma County Central Landfill, as well as his work with Kid Street Theater and Chops Teen Center in downtown Santa Rosa.

His work has been included in many Quicksilver exhibitions over the years, and art aficionados will remember his ever popular and expressive “EDDDY Heads” whimsically displayed in an old, recycled grocery shopping cart in the Forestville gallery.

Available Artwork by 3D EDDDY

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EDDDY Heads, Mixed Media, 6-10" X 4"-6", 2013
EDDDY Head #1 by 3D EDDDY   EDDDY Head #2 by 3D EDDDY
EDDDY Head #3 by 3D EDDDY   EDDDY Head #4 by 3D EDDDY
Super Edddy Head (Front View) by 3D EDDDY   Super Edddy Head (Side View) by 3D EDDDY
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3D EDDDY rides again!
3D EDDDY rides again!