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Loreen Barry

It has been my goal to refine my art to the point where the finished work exhibits true harmony between my personal, inner symbolic vision and the structural reality of the natural world. This has involved a continual interweaving of the spiritual and material, inner and outer, into a balanced, harmonious whole. In my work I continually seek to create a visual environment that will invite contemplation as well as evoke a sense of the mysterious.

Loreen Barry uses a variety of media to express this vision: wall hangings, wall pieces and drawings, boxes and gourds. Special found and collected objects, including stones, bones, shells, eggs, beads, feathers, wooden and metal objects, pieces of material and string are assembled into art objects that express the artistís inner, symbolic world.

Solo shows by Barry include two at Quicksilver: The Way of the Serpent in 2002, and Walking the Stone's Path, 2005; and also shows at the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, 2004, and the Santa Rosa's Museum of Contemporary Art in 2001. Selected juried group exhibitions include ArtHaus Gallery, San Francisco; the Sonoma County Museum and A Street Gallery, both in Santa Rosa; and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

Available Artwork by Loreen Barry

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"Seed Keeper I," by Loreen Barry "Sacred Ossuary," by Loreen Barry "Divination Bones," by Loreen Barry
"Seed Keeper I,"
Gourd, eggshell, bone,
5" X 6" X 13", 2006
"Sacred Ossuary,"
Mixed media-wood box, bone,
5" X 8" X 5", 2004
"Divination Bones,"
Gourd, bone, mixed media,
8" X 8" X 5", 2006
"Remembering Cup," by Loreen Barry "Serpent's Tooth," by Loreen Barry
"Remembering Cup,"
Gourd, eggshell, wood,
beads, mixed media,
6" X 1.5" X 1.5", 2002
"Serpent's Tooth,"
Gourd, eggshell, shell, bamboo,
7.5" X 7.5" X 14.5", 2002

"Serpent's Warning Message," by Loreen Barry

"Serpent's Warning Message,"
Wood, fabric, bone, mixed media,
11" X 9" X .5", 1998
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