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Once More, With Feeling

Political Cartoonist John De Salvio

Explore local, regional and national history as it inevitably repeats itself through a wide-ranging collection of political cartoons by graphic designer, journalist and artist John DeSalvio on display at Quicksilver.

"Rush Limbaugh," by John DeSalvio

Although he stopped drawing cartoons almost a decade ago, DeSalvio frequently republished his old cartoons in the Russian River Monthly, for which he was the managing editor for many years. He began cartooning in 1983 for the weekly Russian River News, then for The Paper starting in 1990,winning statewide recognition for that newspaper by the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) for 3 years. DeSalvio continued cartooning through 1995 as that weekly publication morphed into The Sonoma County Independent (which eventually became the North Bay Bohemian). Including other alternative publications, more than 500 political cartoons by John De Salvio have been published in the Bay Area.

Since moving to Southern California in May, most of DeSalvio’s original political cartoons are only available for viewing at The Quicksilver Mine Co.; a collection of The Russian River News (issues 1983—1989) are also part of the library collection at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park.

"GMC Sonoma," by John DeSalvio