"The Pull Toy"

by Monty Monty

Why is it kids would rather play with household items than any toy in the toy box? The "Mole Trap" becomes a pull toy for the twisted kid ~ I mean gifted child. There is no patent pending on this one. Just a one-of-a kind clickety-clack when you pull it.

Ages 3 and up

  • Vintage "Victor Mole Trap"
    Manufactured by the Animal Trap Company, Lititz, PA, USA
  • Vintage wood saw handle
  • Window screen tool
  • Steel castor wheels
  • Brass gear and springs
  • Wood pull handle and chain
Scale: 19" long, 7" wide, 9" tall
"The Pull Toy," by Monty Monty
"The Pull Toy," Mixed media assemblage, 9" X 19" X 7"
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