"The Robo-Fish"Mixed media assemblage19" X 35" X 12"

by Monty Monty

Emerging from the depths of an artist's imagination, a robotic sea creature becomes a mounted trophy fish. The unique catch conjures a Jacques Cousteau meets Jules Verne account of the seldom told story of the one that got away. The decommissioned Robo-Fish has been mounted on a wood plank and broken oar. Collected cast-offs add to the tales as wild fish stories begin with no end. Each component and its origin contribute to the whimsical underwater catch of the day known as "Robo-Fish."

Scale: 35" long, 19" tall, 12" wide
"The Robo-Fish," by Monty Monty
"The Butter Cutter," by Monty Monty
"The Robo-Fish," Mixed media assemblage, 19" X 35" X 12"
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