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Terry Murphy

Since moving from San Francisco to Petaluma, I couldn't help being influenced by the landscape around me, and by plein air painters, past and present. I have also spent much of my life around the basic labor and craft of building. That experience, and a love of the figure in motion, seems to find expression for me in paintings of people at work: berry-pickers, post hole diggers, utility linemen and the like. More recently my interest in painting and a lifetime love of baseball have collided—I have begun a series of pieces based on the mechanics of pitching both as a way to get away from landscapes and also to improve my own efforts on the mounds of Sunday diamonds.

Terry Murphy began exhibiting his work in Quicksilver’s Forestville location, a relative latecomer in the gallery's 30-year history. "His work stood out to me because of his ability to capture people doing what people do," says Khysie. "Whether hot mopping tar on a roof, fixing fences, working on overhead power lines or capturing Tim Lincecum in mid-pitch, Terry seems to have a gift for catching human beings in the places they inhabit, be it clearing fallen trees from a rural road or just sitting on a park bench." Currently, Terry is also painting places he knows from imagined aerial perspectives, as well as the activities of human and animal critters in the landscape.

Terry's work has also been included in George Krevsky Gallery's annual baseball themed group exhibition in San Francisco, as well as juried exhibitions at the O'Hanlon Center and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

Available Artwork by Terry Murphy

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"Dominican Dandy," by Terry Murphy
"Dominican Dandy,"
Oil on panel, 16" X 24", 2012
"Sketching at the Met,"
Oil on canvas, 14" X 18", 2010
"Heads Down,"
Oil on canvas, 20" X 24", 2008
"Running Crown," by Terry Murphy
"Rolling Trusses,"
Oil on panel, 18" X 24", 2013
"Running Crown,"
Oil on canvas, 24" X 30", 2008
"First Rain #2," by Terry Murphy "Aerial Southwest," by Terry Murphy
"First Rain #2,"
Oil on canvas, 24" X 24", 2010
"Aerial Southwest,"
Oil on panel, 24" X 24", 2011
Please email Khysie for more information about Terry's available artwork