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Bakers Dozen 2006

Quicksilver Presents the Work of 13 Bay Area Artists

January 13 - February 19, 2006

The Quicksilver Mine Co. will present the Gallery’s second annual Bakers Dozen 2006 beginning on January 13th.

This year’s Bakers Dozen, an invitational show curated by the Gallery, showcases the work of thirteen sculptors, mixed-media artists, painters, ceramic artists, and printmakers. Exquisite small works by Andrea Hibbard, Hamlet Mateo’s fine pen and ink drawings, assemblage sculpture by Robert O’Connor and Deborah Colotti, Nuala Creed’s unusual figurative ceramics, as well as paintings by Nancy Speir and Michele Bellefeuille are included in this Show. Willits artist Chris Beards presents his unusual mixed media sculpture, along with small collage pieces by Andrea Fuhrman from Grass Valley, Deborah Salomon’s carefully rendered monoprints, and lost wax cast bronze sculpture by Don Ajello. Intimate collaged drawings and paintings by Maria-Esther Sund and Leslie Zumwalt round out the Exhibition.

Bakers Dozen 2006 opens with an Artist Reception on Saturday, January 14th from 4—6pm, and continues through February 19th.

"Mouthful" by Nancy Speir

"Mouthful", Nancy Speir
acrylic on panel

"Adam on Sunday Without Gas or Electricity (pg. 49)", by Hamlet Mateo

"Adam on Sunday without Gas or Electricity (pg. 49)",
Hamlet Mateo, ink on paper, 2005

"Hector's End" by Nancy Speir

"Hector's End", Nancy Speir, acrylic on panel

"Form 2" by Deborah Salomon

"Form 2", Deborah Salomon, monotype, 2005


This body of work reflects my concern for the values we are passing on to the children of the world.

My babies are sweet and precious as all babies are, but they carry with them lethal weapons that may well be their future if indeed there is a future for them. They need the protection of gas masks and hard hats for their survival in the toxic world of war they face.

The contradictory symbols on the children’s clothing, religious icons and Disney-like characters on their gas tanks reflect our ambiguous value system.

-Nuala Creed, 2005

"Babes in Arms 3" by Nuala Creed

"Babes in Arms 2", Nuala Creed, ceramic


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"Babes in Arms 1" by Nuala Creed
"Babes in Arms 1",
Nuala Creed, ceramic

"Continuity (detail)" by Chris Beards

"Continuity (detail)", Chris Beards, mixed media, 2004

A Peaceful Adolescence" by Hamlet Mateo

"A Peaceful Adolescence"
Hamlet Mateo,ink on paper, 2005

"Tree of Legs" by Deborah Colotti
"Tree of Legs", Deborah Colotti,
porcelain & redwood,
13' X 1' X 1', 2005

"Tree of Legs" by Deborah Colotti
"Garden", Andrea Fuhrman
mixed media collage