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Pamela Blotner Exhibits at Quicksilver

June 27August 3, 2008

"My work has always been concerned with mythology and belief systems and where they interconnect with human experience. I think of my mixed media sculptures and drawings as three-dimensional urban or folk stories which explore the wisdom passed down from one generation to the next - textured by landscape, heritage, and belief - that shapes and maintains a culture and ensures its continued survival.

Recent sculptures, many of which are included here, also include the form of the human hand, spotlighted in homage to its role in making art and constructing our world. My primary materials, wood, clay and felted wool bring their long and varied multicultural history, enriching both form and content.

'The Fox's Wedding' is an expression I came across while reading Michael Odaatje's novel, Devisadero, which is partly set in Marin Co. This metaphor is used to describe a sunshower, when the sun breaks over a rain storm, causing two "opposite" conditions to co-exist. A pair of foxes are the wedding couple in England, Japan, Italy, Portugal and the U.S. But, as the phrase pops up in other countries as well, each one substituting it's own endemic feral animal entering into a domestic arrangement; I also see another level of meaning here: an attempt to blend what is wild and dangerous with the tame and secure."

Pamela Blotner
May 2008

Bakers Dozen 2008

The Fox's Wedding Show