Boxed In
Working Small at Quicksilver

July 9—August 14, 2011

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Boxed In: A Small Works Show opens with a reception for the artists on Saturday, July 9th from 4—6pm, and will continue in the gallery through August 14th.

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"Fall Zinfandel Vine," by Jocelyn Audette
Jocelyn Audette, Fall Zinfandel Vine, Encaustic, 12" X 12", 2009
Untitled, by Alan Azhderian
Alan Azhderian, Untitled, Assemblage, 9" X 11.5", 2011
"Eye Candy", by Sally Baker
Sally Baker, "Eye Candy",
Watercolor, 7.75" X 8.5", 2011
"Difficult Times," by Bill Baldewicz
Bill Baldewicz, "Difficult Times," Mixed media assemblage,
12" X 12" X 3", 2011
Male Head by Jerrold Ballaine
Jerrold Ballaine, Male Head,
Marble, 10" X 5" X 6.5", 2008
"Giant," by Todd Barricklow
Todd Barricklow, "Giant,"
Ceramic with Scraffitto,
11.5" X 5.5" X 3.5", 2010
"Find & Replace," by Chris Beards
Chris Beards, "Find & Replace,"
Mixed media assemblage,
12" X 12" X 9", 2011
"Elemental #1," by Robyn Beattie
Robyn Beattie, "Elemental #1,"
Photo on canvas, 9" X 12", 2011
"Gardensong #6," by Lisa Beerntsen
Lisa Beerntsen, "Gardensong #6,"
Acrylic on Duraline, 12" X 12", 2011
"Huh," by Seymour Bergman
Seymour Bergman, "Huh,"
Mixed media collage, 11" X 9", 2009
Ken Berman, Untitled, by Ken Berman
Ken Berman, Untitled,
Mixed media on panel, 12" X 12", 2011
"Shed," by DA Bishop
DA Bishop, "Shed,"
Acrylic on panel, 12" X 12", 2011
"Pieces VI," by Mary Black
Mary Black, "Pieces VI," Encaustic,
M/M on panel, 10" X 10", 2011
Untitled, by Ralph Carlson
Ralph Carlson, Untitled, Assorted hardwood, 11-7/8" X 11.5", 2011
"Thicket," by Claudia Chapline
Claudia Chapline, "Thicket,"
Acrylic & oil on canvas, 12" X 12", 2011
"More Money Than Time," by Ellen Kaplan Cheek
Ellen Kaplan Cheek, "More Money Than Time," Neckpiece, mixed media, 10.5" dia., 2011
"Let the Sun Shine In," by Etta Deikman
Etta Deikman, "Let the Sun Shine In,"
Acrylic and ink on paper, 8" X 5.5", 2004
"Vanilla & White Chocolate Guilded Delight," by Tramaine de Senna
Tramaine de Senna, "Vanilla & White Chocolate Guilded Delight," Acrylic caulk, paint, wood,
6.25" X 6.25" X .75", 2011
"The Philosophy of Feathers," by Tamsen Donner
Tamsen Donner, "The Philosophy of Feathers," Oil, 6" X 6", 2011
"Disappearing," by Holly Downing
Holly Downing, "Disappearing," Mezzotint, 2.5" X 2.5", 2010 
"134 East 60th St., New York, New York," by Robin Eschner,
Robin Eschner, "134 East 60th St., New York, New York," Acrylic on panel, 12" X 6", 2011
"Techno-wasp," by Don Fluitt
Don Fluitt, "Techno-wasp,"
Assemblage, 11.25" X 6" X 8"-12", 2011
"James Cagney," Lisa Fredenthal Lee
Lisa Fredenthal Lee,
"James Cagney,"
Cup tray art, 10" X 7", 2010
"Path/Bon Tempe," by Wendy Goldberg
Wendy Goldberg, "Path/Bon Tempe,"
AAPastel, 12" X 12", 2010
"White Elephant," Chris Hataway
Chris Hataway, "White Elephant," Acrylic on board, 7.75" X 7.75", 2009
"Thinking Outside" (detail), Cynthia Granados
Cynthia Granados, "Thinking Outside" (detail), Mixed media,
3" X 3" X 3" each, 2011
"New Lupines," by Jennifer Hirschfield
Jennifer Hirshfield, "New Lupines," Acrylic on panel, 12" X 12" X 2", 2011
Kier Holmes, "Wearing the B Side," by Kier Holmes
Kier Holmes, "Wearing the B Side,"
Mixed media, 6" X 8", 1998
"Asperion of Anaximander," by Pamela Holmes
Pamela Holmes,
"Asperion of Anaximander,"
Oil, 7" X 5", 2010
"Between the Concrete and the Meadow #2," by Bernadette Howard
Bernadette Howard, "Between the Concrete and the Meadow #2,"
Oil, ink on canvas, 11.5" X 11.5", 2011
"Fallen Soldier Memorial," by John James
John James, "Fallen Soldier Memorial," Pen & ink on paper, 12" X 12", 2011
"Broncos," by Bill Kirsch
Bill Kirsch, "Broncos,"
Watercolor/print, 10" X 11", 2010
"Fish Face," by Diana Lee
Diana Lee, "Fish Face,"
Scratchboard, 7" X 5", 2011
"Step'n Fetch It," by Robert Lee
Robert Lee, "Step'n Fetch It,"
Recycled egg carton pulp, 6" X 6", 2011
"Luminous Greenhouse," by Janis Crystal Lipzin
Janis Crystal Lipzin, "Luminous Greenhouse,"
Video detail/video sculpture, 2011
"A LALA Mandala," by Al Longo
Al Longo, "A LALA Mandala,"
Mixed media on canvas, 10" X 10", 2011
"Duet," by Chiyomi Longo
Chiyomi Longo, "Duet,"
Mixed media on canvas, 10" X 10", 2011
Untitled, by Lauri Luck
Lauri Luck, Untitled,
Acrylic on panel, 8" X 8", 2011
"Floating Box," by Jackie Mathes McCarthy
Jackie Mathes McCarthy,
"Floating Box, "Oil on panel, 8" X 10", 2011
"Swiss Miss," by Jane Murphy
Jane Murphy, "Swiss Miss,"
Assemblage, 10" X 4.25" X 5.75", 2010
"Aerial #1," by Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy, "Aerial #1,"
Acrylic on panel, 12" X 12", 2010
"Lake Sonoma Miniature A," by Ruby Newman
Ruby Newman, "Lake Sonoma Miniature A," Acrylic on canvas board, 7" X 9", 2009
"OK," by Tony Spiers
Tony Spiers, "OK,"
Acrylic on panel, 9" X 11", 2011
"The Return," by Kai Samuels-Davis
Kai Samuels-Davis, "The Return," Oil & was on panel, 12" X 12", 2011
"Life in a Box," James Spitzer
James Spitzer, "Life in a Box,"
Acrylic on panel, 12" X 12", 2009
"Cusp," by Kathleen Thompson
Kathleen Thompson, "Cusp,"
Oil & encaustic on panel,
12" X 12", 2011
"The Gift," by Rhonda Trevethick
Rhonda Trevethick, "The Gift,"
Assemblage, 11.25" X 6" X 3.25", 2011
"Gourmet Love," Elaine Vickery
Elaine Vickery, "Gourmet Love,"
Silk painting, 2009
Untitled, by Victoria Wagner
Victoria Wagner, "Partial Radiant,"
Oil on canvas, 6" X 6", 2011
"Birdwoman," by Shane Weare
Shane Weare, "Birdwoman,"
Aquatint, 6" x 10", undated
"Cup & Reversible Saucer,"  by Carol Wedemeyer
Carol Wedemeyer, "Cup & Reversible Saucer," Ceramic, 7" X 6" X 6", 2011
"2 A.M.,"  by Kathleen Youngquist
Kathleen Youngquist, "2 AM,"
Oil on linen, 12" X 12", 2011
"Warm Breeze," Leslie Zumwalt
Leslie Zumwalt, "Warm Breeze,"
Collage, 10.25" X 12", 2011

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