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Germany, Korea, and the USA

Carter Studio Artists Exhibit at Quicksilver

October 31—December 7, 2008

The Quicksilver Mine Co. presents a wide-ranging mixed media exhibition by twenty current and former resident artists of the Richard Carter Studio beginning October 31st. Established in 1992 and located in Pope Valley, California, the Carter Studio is a private working studio and artist residency program offering committed artists from around the world a place to live and work in a small, supportive arts community.

Group shot of Carter Studio Artists

Christian Batteau

Trent Burkett

Richard Carter

Guy Michael Davis

Adam Field

Michael Fujita

Trent Burkett


Nathan Mabry

Paige Pedri

Joseph Pintz

David Price

Armando Ramos

Scott Rosenberg

Jason Segall

Jeffrey Spahn

Matthew Taleck

Jayson Taylor

Nicholas Tranmer

Kevin Tweed

Kathinka Willinek

Artists participating in this unique exhibition include Los Angeles-based sculptor Nathan Mabry, whose work draws from a range of divergent cultural material, moving between conceptualism and irreverence to inform both the objects he creates and their relation to art history.

"Ludicrous Blocks," by Armando Ramos
"Ludicrous Blocks," Armando Ramos,
ceramic, 7" X 3" X 2", 2008

Also in this show: New York sculptor Christian Batteau, known for his figurative and abstracted works in bronze, concrete and clay; a site specific nylon thread/colored yarn installation by Kathinka Willinek of Germany; and ceramic sculpture by studio founder Richard Carter, along with drawings, textiles and a variety of mixed media fine art by other current and former Carter Studio artists, some now living in Korea, Canada, Hawaii and San Francisco.

Untitled "Areal Image Series," by Kathinka Willinek
"Areal Image Series," Kathinka Willinek,
nylon, yarn & lead

More About Kathinka Willinek


"Vanitas - He, Vanitas - She," by Nathan Mabry
"Vanitas - He, Vanitas - She," Nathan Mabry,
bronze & wood
He: 12" x 6" x 6"
She: 9" x 6" x 6"
Each Box: 12.5" x 7.75"

More About Nathan Mabry


"Grain Bucket," by Jospeh Pintz
"Grain Bucket," Joseph Pintz,
earthenware, 7" X 10" square


"Vase," by David Price
"Vase," David Price,
20" X 4", 2008


Digital Photo, Scott Rosenberg,
8" X 10"


"Untitled," by Kevin Tweed
Untitled, Kevin Tweed,
Porcelain, 12.5" X 4", 2008

Also see Richard Carter's work in Quicksilver's
"Fire in the Belly" Show

Form Over Function:
"Carter Studio Retrospective Shows
as Much and as Little Ceramics as Possible"
by Gretchen Giles, North Bay Bohemian,
November 5-11, 2008, pp. 25-26


Teapot & Cups Set by Mathew Taleck Teapot & Cups Set by Mathew Taleck
Teapot and cup sets, Mathew Taleck,
Ceramic, 2008


Low Flat Vase with Purple Tones by Jeffrey Spahn
Low flat vase with purple tones,
Jeffrey Spahn, Wood fired ceramic,
6.75" X 19" X 2.5", 2008


click on images for larger views

"Man Supporting Cloud," by Christian Batteau
"Man Supporting Cloud,"
Christian Batteau,
bronze & wood,
23" X 23" X 15"

The Richard Carter Studio: Past & Present opens with a reception for the artists on Saturday, November 1 from 4—6pm. The Exhibition continues through December 7


"Cracker," by Nick Tranmer
Nick Tranmer,
earthenware & steel
36" X 18" X 9", 2007


"Family Tree," by Guy Michael Davis
"Family Tree,"
Guy Michael Davis,
porcelain, 5' X 6'


"Kiawe Blossom Jar," by Adam Field
"Kiawe Blossom Jar," Adam Field,
Kaiwe wood ash,
celadon on high fired stoneware with hand carved Tapa pattern,
17" x 38"


"Complessita III," by Paige Pedri
"Complessita III," Paige Pedri,
plaster & paper,
21" x 8", 2008


Untitled, by Richard Carter
Untitled, Richard Carter,
60" x 60" x 4", 2008


"Meditation on the Kalachakra Mandala," by Jayson Taylor
"Meditation on the Kalachakra Mandala,"
Jayson Taylor,
silk and mixed media on silk organza,
84" x 60", 2007


"Shrine for Boat," by Jason Segall
"Shrine for Boat,"
Jason Segall, earthenware,
9" X 14"X 15", 2008


"I-Block," by Michael Fujita
"I-Block," Michael Fujita
porcelain, terracotta & stoneware
10" X 13" X 6.5", 2008