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New Work by John de Marchi

September 19—October 26, 2008

BALANCE suggests a steadiness that results when all parts are properly adjusted to each other, when no one part of constituting force outweighs or is out of proportion to another.

—Webster’s Dictionary

The Quicksilver Mine Co. presents a one-man exhibition by Petaluma sculptor John de Marchi beginning September 19th. This Show, titled New Material, New Work, continues through October 26th.

Combining fine art and mechanical technology, de Marchi's beautifully balanced acrylic and metal sculptures explore the human condition in the spirit of Renaissance artist engineers who often saw the world in terms of a "Clockwork Universe." In the tradition of Leonardo de Vinci and other creators of art and mechanical devices, his sculpture records and documents our mechanical heritage in the face of immense technological change, while simultaneously exploring many concepts of balance: physical, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual.


"Asymetrical Attraction," by John de Marchi
"Asymmetrical Attraction,"
machined acrylic, aluminum, brass, nylon line,
27" X 17" X 16", 2008

John de Marchi has exhibited locally and nationally, including solo exhibitions at the Museo Italo Americano and the Iannetti Lanzone Gallery in San Francisco, the Oakland Museum, and the California Museum of Art in Santa Rosa.

Now retired, he also worked as a technician and instructor at Sonoma State University for 25 years. In that capacity he taught wood and metal sculpture, art history and studio art. He continues to work as a machinist/welder, tool designer, consultant, and is an avid collector of antique tools.

John De Marchi at work in his studio   John De Marchi at work in his studio
John De Marchi at work in his studio.


"Opposing Parties," by John de Marchi   "Jagged Attraction," by John de Marchi
"Opposing Parties,"
acrylic, magnets, brass,
33" X 19" X 8", 2008
"Jagged Attraction,"
acrylic, magnets, brass,
37" X 10" X 10", 2008


"Anomaly," by John de Marchi   "Source," by John de Marchi
acrylic, brass, magnets, iron
filings, 28" X 14" X 9", 2008
"The Source,"
acrylic, brass, LEDs, Corian,
33.5" X 16" X 9", 2008



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An Artist Reception for de Marchi will be held on Saturday, September 20th from 4—6pm.

"Squeeze," by John de Marchi
machined acrylic, brass,
19" X 10" X 8", 2008


"Target," by John de Marchi
machined acrylic, bronze,
corian, brass
24" X 10" X 9", 2008


"Cityscape I," by John de Marchi
"Cityscape I,"
acrylic, 18.5" X 14" X 10",


"Cityscape II," by John de Marchi
"Cityscape II,"
acrylic, 20" X 16" X 8", 2008


"Cityscape III," by John De Marchi
"Cityscape III,"
acrylic, brass,
17" X 9.5" X 2.25", 2008

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