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Mixed Media Ceramic Sculpture at Quicksilver

August 19—September 25, 2011

The Quicksilver Mine Co. in downtown Forestville presents a one-woman exhibition of sculptural ceramics by Carol Holtzman Fregoso beginning August 19th.


"Clown Control," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Clown Control," Clay, metal, acrylic, 30" X 24" X 4", 2010

Carol Fregoso primarily sculpts human figures. Stripped of realism, exposing emotion, working and manipulating clay with her hands, her work has an oddly kinetic quality: semitic, open-mouthed, awkward, and amorous. "The gentleness of clay allows me to envision and manifest deeper feelings that come from my center," says the artist.


"Seriously Watching Myself," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Seriously Watching Myself"
(12 pieces), 18" X 5" each
Clay, concrete, bondo, acrylic, 2010

Fregoso graduated from the (San Francisco) College of Arts and Crafts with honors. Having worked in pottery, bas relief, and more recently clay and mixed media, she has shown extensively, including recent exhibitions at Falkirk in San Rafael, ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, and Ceramic Annual of America in Fort Mason. She has also taught ceramics to high school and adult students for over 30 years.

Carol Fregoso will also be present at Quicksilver on Thursday, September 22nd for an informal Gallery Talk and conversation beginning at 7pm. Clown Control continues in the gallery through September 25th.


"Stuck," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
Concrete, clay, bondo, cloth, acrylic, wax,
7" X 18" X 6", 2009



"Support," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Support," Clay, wood, acrylic, wax,
18" X 9" X 12", 2008


"Escape Artist," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Escape Artist,"
Clay, wood, glass, wire, acrylic, 14" X 15" X 6", 2011


"Family Portrait," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Family Portrait" (4 pieces),
Porcelain, acrylic, 7" X 7"X 4" each, 1985


Carol Holtzman Fregosa's show in the Gallery
Carol's show in the Gallery


Carol Holtzman Fregosa's show in the Gallery
Carol's show in the Gallery


Carol Holtzman Fregosa's show in the Gallery
Carol's show in the Gallery


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This show, Clown Control, opens with an artist reception on Saturday, August 20th from 4—6pm.


"Clowning Around," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Clowning Around,"
Clay, acrylic, wood, 33" X 24" X 2", 2011


"Sweet Dreams," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Sweet Dreams,"
Clay, wood, plaster, acrylic,
42" X 26" X 5", 1985


"Lounging," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Lounging," Clay, acrylic, wax,
12" X 5" X 5", 2008



"Surrender," by Carol Holtzman Fregoso
"Surrender"  (3 pieces),
Clay, acrylic, wax,
15" X 5" X 4" each, 2009

Artist's Statement

Carol's Resume