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Dangerous Toys

and other forgotten oddities
by Monty Monty

October 1 - November 14, 2010

I am an artist sensitive to the idea of childhood. As adults, people think of childhood as such a wonderful time when in fact childhood can be a very scary time in life, full of confusing issues and dangers.

While toying with the idea of creating objects for a child to play with I came across this definition of the word "toylike" in the dictionary: "originally denoted a funny story or remark, later an antic or trick, or a frivolous entertainment able or likely to cause harm or injury".

Sounds dangerous...

These are edgy times we live in. Dangerous, catastrophic times. Challenging times. Ecological disasters like Katrina and the Gulf oil spill come to mind. There are weapons of mass destruction and wars are being waged around the world. The toys we have created do damage to us, the environment and the world.

Dangerous Toys indeed...

The old definition of the word "toylike" is in sharp contrast to what we conceive today. I was taken by this definition with contradictory terms. The discrepancy inspired me to take an artistic journey that was personal to me. My childhood memories of matchbox cars, ("BP Under Glass"), guitars and baseballs, ("Forkball"), commingled with the current state of adulthood work and play, catalyzed my process of creating "Dangerous Toys."

Children taking steps along the way to becoming productive citizens learn lessons in the art of joyful risk taking. Every step provides a better view at a greater risk, an opportunity to reach for the stars and break bones at the same time ("Life’s Ladder").

My process for this show combined nostalgia and critical thought, allowing me to be creative with serious issues. There is a dangerous innocence in the way we play as children-and not so innocent as adults.
"Dangerous Toys" explores the difference.

Artfully yours,
Monty Monty

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