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Transit of Venus

(a 3-day exhibition)

Daniel Oberti

April 16 - 18, 2004

Daniel Oberti began working with concepts about light, space and time shortly after a visit to Egypt and Crete in the mid 1990’s. His work with spheres as the perfect form led to an invitation to attend The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena Conference II, in Malta 1998. The Vatican Observatory and the Steward Observatory in Arizona sponsor the conferences.

There he met an international group of astronomers, cosmologists, physicists, art historians, and other artists interested in sharing insights as to how science influences the general public through various artistic mediums such as literature, dance, poetry, film, and of course the visual arts.

Dr. Maria Sundin, an astronomer and teacher at Gothenburg University, Sweden invited Oberti the following year to lecture at the Onsala and Stockholm Observatories in Sweden. They began a two-year collaboration that blossomed into an exhibition titled "Star Dancers" featuring Daniel's ceramic work based on Dr. Sundin’s work in the field of galactic dynamics.

The exhibition "Star Dancers" opened 2000 in Palermo, Italy in association with INSAP III and under the sponsorship of the Osservatorio de Palermo.

Last summer Oberti presented his works for the INSAP IV conference at Magdalen College, Oxford, England. Then he flew to Stockholm to accept a commission from the Royal Technical Institute of Sweden to create a vision of the planet “Venus” for the Sweden Solar System—the largest scale model of our solar system on earth. Daniel is honored to be the first American, and to date, the only non-Swedish artist chosen to contribute work for this ambitious world-class project.

"Pendulum" by Daniel Oberti
"Ceramic Pendulum"
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Daniel Oberti with "Venus"
Daniel Oberti & "Venus"

The recent commission by the Royal Technical Institute of Sweden to create the planet Venus is the subject of this special three day preview exhibition at the Quicksilver Mine Co. Sculpture Garden April 16—19. Join Daniel for a Gallery Talk on Friday evening, April 16, at 7 p.m., and for an Artist Reception on Sunday April 18, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Oberti, best known for his "Spheres of Influence," currently has work in public installations at the Vineyard Creek Hotel in downtown Santa Rosa, and at the Paradise Ridge Sculpture Grove, off Thomas Lake Harris Drive in Fountain Grove.

This summer, Daniel will open a new sculpture exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Santa Rosa’s Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.