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Beyond Words

New Portraits and Places
Kai Samuels-Davis

April 13—May 20, 2012

The Quicksilver Mine Co. presents a one-man exhibition of recent paintings by Jenner artist Kai Samuels-Davis beginning April 13th.

"The Reflection," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Reflection," Oil on wood, 60" X 48", 2012

Kai Samuels-Davis is a painter of portraits. Working from an initial painting titled "The Reflection," each piece in this exhibition attempts to move beyond the portrait and beyond words, "to a point where nothing needs to make sense or be explained," says the artist. "The idea behind this body of work is that it belongs to the viewer," he continues, "inviting many interpretations and reactions."

"Landscape Study II," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"Landscape Study II,"
Oil on paper, 8" X 10", 2010

Expressive and loose, with prominent brush strokes and texture, each piece in this show represents a fragment of a larger world while simultaneously reflecting the inner human place where thoughts and feelings are tangled or lost in memory, experience, and aspiration.


"Andrea Study I," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"Andrea Study I,"
Watercolor on paper, 8" X 8", 2012

Originally from New York, Samuels-Davis studied at the Art Students League; then received his BFA at SUNY Purchase; and completed graduate studies in film at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has exhibited nationally and internationally: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and England. In addition to Quicksilver, he is represented locally by West County Design in Valley Ford, Local Color in Bodega Bay, and Graton Gallery; he was also the recipient of a National Merit Award from the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in 2010.

"The Future," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Future,"
Oil on Wood, 20" X 20", 2011


"The Guide," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Guide,"
Oil on wood, 9" X 12", 2011


"The Vessel," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Vessel,"
Oil on wood, 4" X 4", 2011


Kai's show in the gallery


Kai's show in the gallery


Kai's show in the gallery
Kai's show in the gallery
Kai's show in the gallery



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An artist reception for Kai Samuels-Davis will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 4—6pm. His show, Beyond Words: New Portraits and Places, continues in the gallery through May 20th.

"Clare," by Kai Samuels-Davis
Oil on paper, 12" X 9", 2010


"The Guard," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Guard,"
Oil on wood, 12" X 9", 2011


"The Sound Not Seen," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Sound Not Seen,"
Oil on wood, 20" X 20", 2010


"Beyond Words I," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"Beyond Words I,"
Watercolor on paper, 12" X 9", 2012


"Beyond Words V," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"Beyond Words V,"
Watercolor on paper, 10" X 8", 2012


"Man Looking Down," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"Man Looking Down,"
Watercolor on paper, 8" X 6", 2012


"The Past," by Kai Samuels-Davis
"The Past,"
Oil on wood, 12" X 9", 2011