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Dangerous Toys

and other forgotten oddities
by Monty Monty

October 1 - November 14, 2010

The Quicksilver Mine Co. presents a one-man exhibition of recent assemblage sculpture by Santa Rosa artist Monty Monty beginning October 1st. This show, Dangerous Toys and other forgotten oddities, continues in the gallery through November 14th.

"Roller Blade," by Monty Monty
"Roller Blade," Assemblage, 16" X 3" X 6", 2010

Well known for his nostalgic "vintage collectible" assemblage sculpture, Monty's more recent work evolved in edgier directions as he prepared for this show.

Pondering the idea of making toy-like objects for children, "I realized that childhood is really a very scary time, full of confusing issues, risks and dangers. There is also a dangerous innocence in the way children play, behavior that becomes much less innocent as we grow into adulthood. Ecological disasters like Katrina and the Gulf oil spill; weapons of mass destruction; wars being waged around the world—the "toys" we create as adults are doing damage to us, to our environment, and to the world."

"Screwball," by Monty Monty
"Screwball," Assemblage, 12" X 5', 2010

As his sculpture evolved, his childhood memories of matchbox cars, guitars and baseballs began to commingle with thoughts about the way people work and play in the world as adults, ideas which manifest themselves in many of the pieces in this exhibition—BP Under Glass, Forkball, and Life's Ladder—"Dangerous toys indeed!" says the artist.

"Pull Toy," by Monty Monty
"Pull Toy," Assemblage, 19" X 7" X 9', 2010

Monty Monty's sculpture is in numerous public collections, including the Sonoma County Museum and Santa Rosa Junior College Frank P. Doyle Library; private collectors include Dana Gioia, former Chairman of the NEA; sculptor Fletcher C. Benton; and screenwriter Pamela Gray.

His work is currently part of a regional traveling exhibit, "Some Assembly Required," which originated at the UC Santa Cruz Sesnon Gallery and continues at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum through September 12th.

"Single Gauge Flint Pistol," by Monty Monty
"Single Gauge Flint Pistol," Assemblage,
23" X 9" X 4.5", 2010

In addition to Quicksilver, recent gallery affiliations include the Ira Wolk Gallery in St. Helena; Art at the Cheese Factory in Marin County; the Sebastopol and the Petaluma Centers for the Arts, Quercia Gallery and Graton Gallery, all in Sonoma County.

"Saw Block," by Monty Monty
"Saw Block," Assemblage, 23" X 9" X 3", 2010


Gun fun at Monty's reception
Gun fun at Monty's reception


Plane Bombardier and Bye-Gone Bi-Plane
Plane Bombardier and Bye-Gone Bi-Plane


Monty's Studio
Monty's Studio



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"Y," by Monty Monty
"Y," Assemblage, 8" X 3", 2010

Artist Reception for Dangerous Toys and other forgotten oddities will be held on Saturday, October 2nd from 4—6pm.

Quicksilver will also present "M & Ms in the Gallery: Tall Tales and Short Stories with Monty" on Thursday evening, October 21st beginning at 7pm.

"BP Under Glass," by Monty Monty
"BP Under Glass," Assemblage,
9" X 8" X 3.5", 2010


"Axis of Oil," by Monty Monty
"Axis of Oil," Assemblage,
11" X 7" X 3", 2010


"Bean Machine," by Monty Monty
"Bean Machine," Assemblage,
9" X 8" X 3.5", 2010

More About "Dangerous Toys"

Monty @ Quicksilver 2004

More About Monty

"Monty's work presents such a sense of vitality, ingenuity and warmth. He is fortunate to have a unique vision and talent. His love for beautiful old things, respect for values past, a sense of civility when one's word means everything, and performing beyond his commitments describes who he is. He has earned my respect and admiration. I love his work as do all our staff."

Ira Wolk
Ira Wolk Gallery, St. Helena

Monty with the Maverick 45 Pull Toy
Monty with the Maverick 45 Pull Toy


"Climbing the Ladder," by Monty Monty
"Climbing the Ladder," Assemblage,
12' X 2' X 4', 2010


The Ladder, Cross, and Saw Block
The Ladder, Cross, and Saw Block