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Paintings by Adam Wolpert

April 15—May 22, 2011

Wolpert is a painter of places, but he doesn't always need a place to paint about. He can invent his own. And when he does, he roils an imaginary sky with whole storms of churning agitation, whole hurricanes' worth of cyclonic fury– and beautiful light at the end of these tunnel-like tempests, sunlight bursting through almost audibly.

Wolpert does not profess to be painting the heavens in tumult, but he doesn't resist the meteorological or theological implications of his abstractions. He is, after all, a painter of space and light, like Monet, like Turner, like Constable....

The philosophers of the Enlightenment, with their theories about affect and sensibility, would have instantly recognized in...his abstractions the thrill of the Sublime. We, the inheritors of these refined but sensitive observations, get the allure and the thrill, and get as well that Wolpert is some sort of magician with paint, with space, with light."

Peter Frank, Art Critic & Curator

"Premonition #12, Event Horizon," by Adam Wolpert
"Premonition #12, Event Horizon,"
Oil on linen, 5' X 4', 2011

Quicksilver presents a one-man exhibition of new work by West Sonoma County artist Adam Wolpert beginning April 15th. This show, titled Premonitions, features large, lush oil paintings evoking a rich and tumultuous transformative energy, both abstract and representational at the same time.

"Premonition #11,Emergence and Dissolution," by Adam Wolpert
"Premonition # 11, Emergence and Dissolution,"
Oil on linen, 5' X 4', 2011

A painter who has always explored his creativity through a sensual dance with his medium, Wolpert's layered use of oil paint gives birth in this series to paintings that appear to exist in an ambiguous realm, beyond scale, suggesting energy, object and space. Each finished work could depict energy events or describe forces operating within a cell or in earth's atmosphere or beyond, or even simultaneously, the product of many reiterations, new images rising from the ashes of the old.

"Cradle," by Adam Wolpert
"Premonition #1, Cradle of Light,"
Oil on linen, 5' X 4', 2010

Adam Wolpert received his MFA from the University of California at San Diego. He teaches art at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and New College of California, both in Sonoma County. Recent solo exhibitions include shows at the Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, and the Look Gallery and Jan Baum Gallery, both in Los Angeles, as well as a one man show at Quicksilver in 2007.


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An Artist Reception for Adam Wolpert will be held on Saturday, April 16th from 4—6pm. The Show continues in the Gallery through May 22nd.

"Premonition #6, Generation,"  by Adam Wolpert
"Premonition #6, Generation,"
5' X 4', Oli on linen, 2010


"Premonition #12, Event Horizon" (detail), by Adam Wolpert
"Premonition #12, Event Horizon" (detail), Oil on linen, 5' X 4', 2011



"Premonition # 11, Emergence and Dissolution" (detail), by Adam Wolpert
"Premonition # 11, Emergence and Dissolution," (detail)
Oil on linen, 5' X 4', 2011




"Premonition #1, Cradle of Light" (detail), by Adam Wolperther
"Premonition #1, Cradle of Light" (detail), Oil on linen, 5' X 4', 2010

Adam's solo show in 2007

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