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Winter Landscapes:
New Work by Jerrold Ballaine

May 27—July 4, 2011

The Quicksilver Mine Co. presents a one-man exhibition by Sonoma County artist Jerrold Ballaine beginning May 27th. This Show will continue in the Gallery through July 4th.

"Jerrold Ballaine's lush landscapes fill the senses with magnificent color. As you examine this group of paintings, I urge you to immerse yourself, feeling and seeing, perhaps for the first time, the possibilities realized by our age's most eminent and skilled colorist."

—Jack Leissring, Collector/Curator

"Twisted Trunks," by Jerrold Ballaine

"Twisted Trunks," Oil on canvas, 24" X 30," 2010

Completed during the last few winters, these exuberant paintings focus on familiar trees common to northern California: apple trees, poplars, eucalyptus, oak and cypress. Bursting with color and imbued by the artist with beauty and rawness, they are additionally transformed through the painter's use of figurative form and gesture.

"Wind Blown," by Jerrold Ballaine

"Wind Blown," Oil on canvas, 24" X 30," 2010

Jerrold Ballaine's career as an artist has evolved over fifty years. After receiving his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in the early sixties, he painted in tandem with other Bay Area Abstract Expressionist artists. In the seventies he turned to sculpture, and as the years passed, continued to work in both mediums.

Since retiring after nearly 30 years from UC Berkeley, he has devoted himself full-time to making art, painting landscapes and the figure, and even more recently returning to figurative marble sculpture.

The artist's resume

The artist's 2004 show: Figure Studies in the 21st Century



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A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, May 28 from 4—6pm.

"Blue in Green," by Jerrold Ballaine

"Blue in Green," Oil on canvas,
30" X 24," 2010


"Estero Tree," by Jerrold Ballaine

Estero Tree, Oil on canvas,
32" X 24," 2010


"Mid-Day Forest," by Jerrold Ballaine

"Mid-Day Forest," Oil on canvas,
30" X 24," 2010


"Silver Leaves," by Jerrold Ballaine

"Silver Leaves," Oil on canvas,
30" X 24," 2010